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Clips of students working in various places on campus including the libraries, research labs and office buildings.

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Earn money. Gain experience. Build your network. There's a wide range of employment opportunities on campus designed to develop your essential, marketable skills.


When it comes to jobs, there are valuable learning opportunities to be found all over the University of South Carolina campus. Build valued workplace skills like professionalism, public speaking and time management while working for an employer that places primary importance on your academic endeavors. 

Whether you are looking for a job, currently working on campus, or looking for resources to support student employees, here you can access help, find answers to your questions and so much more.



Take the Next Step for an On-Campus Job

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    Student Employees

    Search for an on-campus job and find tips for starting a new position with the greatest success.

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    Learn about hiring and developing student employees and manage students' supervision requirements.

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    Hiring Reps

    Fulfill your role as a student hire representative with the information and tools you need to be successful.

Rewarding Experiences

Working on campus is a convenient way to build your skills, gain experience and earn money.

Student wearing a lab coat and safety equipment holds trays of test tubes in a lab setting.

Why choose on-campus employment?

As a student, you're in a unique position to find employment that's in alignment with your academic goals. See how student employment can help you develop as both a student and future professional.

  • Tap into a wide range of positions ranging from customer service to lab-based research.
  • Practice career-enhancing skills such as effective communication and conflict resolution in the workplace.
  • Strengthen personal characteristics like professionalism and time management that drive future success.
  • Gain valuable new perspectives from working with and for others.
  • Manage the different aspects of life effectively by balancing academics, work and extracurricular activities.

Find a Job

Start your search now. Find the employment opportunity that fits your personal and professional aspirations or find a campus job, work study, assistantship or internship that fits your life now.

Find a Job
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