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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Departmental Scholarships

Most departmental scholarships are awarded to returning students, but you can check the scholarship database. Each college or school has its own application process. Please reach out to the college or school for questions about the scholarships they offer. As you apply, take time to review the scholarship policy and learn what it takes to keep departmental scholarships. 

Search for Departmental Scholarships

Use the table below to search for scholarships that apply to your needs by typing the name of the awarding college, school or department in the search box. Each scholarship PDF is updated regularly and contains a comprehensive list of scholarships available for incoming freshmen, current undergraduates and graduate students.

College/School/Office Department View Scholarships Available Keywords
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Administrative Employees Club   View Scholarships Available Administrative Employees Club (AEC) Scholarship
Alumni Association   View Scholarships Available Alumni Association Scholarships
Arnold School of Public Health   View Scholarships Available Arnold School of Public Health Dean's Office Scholarship,AFLAC Fellowship Fund,ASPH Computer Lab Scholarship,Health Policy Research Support Endowment Fund,Environmental Health Sciences (ENHS) Lab Scholarship,HPEB Alumni Fellowship Fund,Norman J. Arnold School of Public Heath Fellowship Award,Environmental Health Sciences (ENHS) Start-up Lab Scholarship,Winona B. Vernberg Bicentennial Fellowship,World Bank Nigeria,Mary Elizabeth Newton Fellowship in HPEB,Dr. Suzan Boyd Doctoral Fellowship Fund,Cindy Babb Moore Fellowship Fund,Ann Cassady Endowed Fellowship,Michael D. Jarrett Scholarship Fund,CCCR's Minority Fellowship,Palmetto Health Alliance African-American Scholarship,Health Services Research Endowment Scholarship,CERortho Fellowship,Butterfoss Community-Based Research Endowed Fellowship
Arnold School of Public Health Communication Science View Scholarships Available Sharon G. Webber Endowed Fellowship Fund,21st Century Fellowship Fund,Elaine M. Frank Endowed Fellowship Fund,PhD Fellowship Fund in Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology
College of Arts and Sciences African American Studies View Scholarships Available Grace Jordan McFadden Award,Grace Jordan McFadden Fellowship,Hayes Mizell Award,Thomas Terrill Scholarship
College of Arts and Sciences Anthropology View Scholarships Available The Dirty Trowel Scholarship Fund,Dr. Ann Kingsolver Student Achievement Award Fund
College of Arts and Sciences Army ROTC View Scholarships Available Edward J. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Fund
College of Arts and Sciences Art View Scholarships Available John Bryan Scholarship Fund,Mary Belle Scanlon Scholarship Fund,Sallie J. Battle Scholarship Fund,Dan Pawlak Memorial Fund,Rob Kennedy Endowed Scholarship,Robyn Chartier Crotwell Scholarship in Art Education Fund,Media Arts,Deloris Cauthen Scholarship in Art,Yaghjian Fund,School of Visual Art & Design Alumni and Faculty Scholarship,Catharine Phillips Rembert Memorial Fund,Media Arts Memorial Fund,Katherine Heyward Fund,Department of Art Gallery Fund
College of Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences (General) View Scholarships Available College of Arts and Sciences General Scholarships
College of Arts and Sciences Baruch Institute View Scholarships Available F. John Vernberg Graduate Fellowship in Marine Science,F. John Vernberg Bicentennial Fellowship in Marine Science
College of Arts and Sciences Biology View Scholarships Available George W. Waring Memorial Scholarship,James and Ethel Albergotti Award in Biological Sciences,Jeffrey Barnesdale Memorial Fellowship,Outstanding Research in Biology,Ellen E Look and Anthony J. Cavalieri Endowed Scholarship Fund,T.L. McMeekin Scholarship,June Trapp Swanson Memorial Scholarship in Botany,Felix H. Lauter Scholarship,Jenny Zareck Schayer Memorial Scholarship,A. C. Moore Scholarship,Kathryn Hinnant-Johnson Memorial Fellowship,Stephen L. Hester Scholarship,Goldenberg Scholarship,Wade T. Batson Fellowship,Gerald and Antona Wilson Biological Sciences,James T. Penney Award,W. Gordon Belser Scholarship,Biology Department Teaching Excellence
College of Arts and Sciences Center for Asian Studies View Scholarships Available Islamic World Studies Program Fellowship,Li-Ching Graduate Award,Li Ching Fellowship Fund,Center for Asian Studies,Confucius Institute,Islamic World Studies Graduate Fellowship
College of Arts and Sciences Chemistry and Biochemistry View Scholarships Available Hiram S. & Lawanda Allen Scholarship for Excellence in Chemistry,The Max G. Gergel Award,Victor Laurie Senior Year Scholarship,Peyton C. Teague Graduate Fellowships,The Jerome D. Odom Fellowship in Chemistry,Joseph W. and Julia L. Bouknight Scholarship,The Hiram and Lawanda Allen Undergraduate Scholarship,IRIX/David L. Coffen Fellowship Fund,Hoechst Graduate Recruitment Award,Charles W. Murtiashaw III Memorial Fund,Tommy L. and Fred E. Hickman III Scholarship,Hiram and Lawanda Allen Graduate Award for Excellence in Chemistry and Biochemistry,The Hiram and Lawanda Allen Summer Fellowship,Victor Laurie Junior Year Scholarship,The Guy F. Lipscomb Award of Excellence,Cancer Research Institute Awards,Copenhaver Fellowship,Betty R. Fundenberg Undergraduate Biomedical Research Endowment Fund
College of Arts and Sciences Criminal Justice View Scholarships Available Meredith Thompson Undergraduate Scholarship,J.P. Strom Undergraduate Scholarship,Lewis F. Freeman Suicide Center Fund,Robert A. Wilber Police Scholarship,J.P. Strom Non-Resident Scholar Award
College of Arts and Sciences Department of Naval Science View Scholarships Available The Naval ROTC Alumni Association Scholarship
College of Arts and Sciences Economics View Scholarships Available Restricted scholarship for 5th year PhD students in the Economics department
College of Arts and Sciences English View Scholarships Available Carey K. Smith, Jr. Award,Maximillian LaBorde Scholarship,Heide M. Hilburn Memorial Endowed Scholarship,Havilah Babcock Short Story Contest,Maria LaFrance DesJardins and Estelle Duke Dove Scholarship,Edmund A. Ramsaur Scholarship,Dr. Ashley Brown Scholarship Fund,Kathleen Rice Laurie Fellowship,Nolte Graduate Assistant Teaching Award,Magellan Scholarship: Discovering French National Memory in Religious Studies,Edward Nolan Endowment Fund,J. Gordon Belser Scholarship,George Walker Waring Award,Ellise Davinroy Book Award,Merrill G. Christophersen Shirs Fund,Smith Reed Scholarship,J.S. Reynolds Essay Contest,Peter Mackey Scholarship Award,Havilah Babcock Poetry Contest,John Welsh Memorial,Euphemia McClintock Fellowship,Irene Dillard Elliott Scholarship,Cile Moise Award
College of Arts and Sciences European Studies View Scholarships Available European Studies Program Student Award
College of Arts and Sciences Exercise Science View Scholarships Available Atrium Health & USC Physical Therapy Scholarship,Athletic Training Education Program Fund,Exercise Science Doctoral Fellowship Fund
College of Arts and Sciences Film and Media Studies View Scholarships Available Ina Rae Hark Award
College of Arts and Sciences Geography View Scholarships Available Grace and Allan Davis Scholarship Endowment,Lovingood Graduate Research Award,The Bennett S. Masaschi Memorial Scholarship,Julian Petty Award Endowment Fund/Julian J. Petty Award,Geography Student Research Fund,Donald O. Bushman Award,Richard G Silvernail Fund for Geographic Education,Geography Graduate Scholarship,Geography Scholarship,Geography Scholarship,Hazards & Vulnerability Research Institute
College of Arts and Sciences History View Scholarships Available Darrick Hart Award for Excellence in Public History,Wilfrid and Rebecca Callcott Award,Cary and Helen Grant Scholarship,William H. Nolte Graduate Assistant Teaching Award,Clyde Ferrell Summer Dissertation Research Fellowship,Department of History Award for Excellence in Teaching,Charles W. Coolidge Scholarship,Smith Richardson Summer Endowed Fellowship,William G. "Chip" Roberts Scholarship Award,Becht Family Endowment Fund Dissertation Preparation Fellowship,Robert H. Wienefled Essay Prize,Thomas L. Connelly Memorial Fund Award,Hampton-Rogers Award,John G. "Jack" Sproat Summer Dissertation Research Fellowship
College of Arts and Sciences International Studies View Scholarships Available International Programs/Omani Scholarship,Friends of Internationals Scholarship,Sara Najjar-Wilson Scholarship Award,Seung Youn Kim Fellowship Fund,International Programs/Omani Scholarship,Friends of Internationals Scholarship,Seung Youn Kim Fellowship Fund
College of Arts and Sciences Language, Literatures & Cultures View Scholarships Available Graduate Fellowship Award - Summer,Derial Jackson Memorial Schlp for Study in Tours,Robert F. W. Alston Award in Ancient Languages,French Literature Award,Kyrl Leighton-Faxford de Gravelines Scholarship,USC Summer in Italy Scholarship Fund,Gerda Jordan Award for German Studies,Hardee-Belasco French Studies Scholarship,Bruce Pearson Award for outstanding research,The Michelin Raison DEtre Fund,College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Dissertation Fellowship,Philip Wadsworth French Scholarship Fund,Maria Reyes Schlp Fund for German Majors/Minors,The John F. and Carol J. Kososki Scholarship,Irvine F. Belser Award in Classics,Charles E. & Frances T. Symens Endowed Scholarship,Ludmilla Ignatiev Callaham Fund,Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Fund Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Language Studies,Elizabeth Joiner Study Abroad Award / French Minor,Hoechst Scholarship Award,French Alumni Scholarship Fund,Klaus Ernst Memorial Fund German Exchange Program,Dr. Ashland Brown Scholarship Fund
College of Arts and Sciences Latin American Studies View Scholarships Available John J. Winberry Award
College of Arts and Sciences Mathematics View Scholarships Available College of Arts and Sciences Rising Senior Award,Polston Family Mathematics Scholarship,Wyman L. Williams Scholarship,SIAM Student Chapter Fund,Thomas Markham Mathematics Scholarship,Pi Mu Epsilon Award,Cary K. Smith, Jr. Memorial Fund,Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Mathematics,James Bruce Coleman Scholarship,Victor W. Laurie Undergraduate Research Scholarship,George Johnson Fellowship in Computational Mathematics,Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Mathematics Education,Lovelace Endowed Scholarship Award,Jeong S. Yang Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Mathematics
College of Arts and Sciences Philosophy View Scholarships Available James W. Oliver Award in Logic,Kenneth Haas Memorial Scholarship,Edna W. and Foster E. Tait Scholarship,Josiah Morse Award in Philosophy,College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Dissertation Fellowship for Paul Reed,Philosophy Graduate Assistant Fellowship
College of Arts and Sciences Physics & Astronomy View Scholarships Available Lovelace Family Endowment Fund,Physics & Astronomy Graduate Scholarship,Nina and Frank Avignone Fellows Fund,Special Physics Research Fellowship
College of Arts and Sciences Political Science View Scholarships Available Ceny Walker Fellowships,Smith Richardson,Mary Ann Fitzpatrick Scholarship,Thurmond-Atwater - Political Science,M. Glenn Abernathy,P. S. Bennett Medal Fund,William M. Ginn Endowment Fund,T. Moffatt Burriss Scholarship,Strom Thurmond - Public Administration,M. Glenn Abernathy Fellowship,Samuel H. Carter Fellowship Fund,International Experience Award,Political Science Graduate Fellowship Award,Strom ThurmondInternational Relations
College of Arts and Sciences Psychology View Scholarships Available Robert V. Heckel Endowed Fellowship,Psychological Service Award,Nora and William Smith Endowed Fellowship,Laura Griffin Scholarship,Roger W. Black Award for Psychological Research,M. Kershaw Walsh Award for Academic Achievement,Ralph Tindall Fellowship
College of Arts and Sciences Religious Studies View Scholarships Available Michael J. Mungo Pre-Seminary Scholarship
College of Arts and Sciences School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment View Scholarships Available GeoScholar Scholarship Program,Environmental Scholars Endowment,Sea Grant Student Fellowship,Geological Sciences and Geophysics - Stephen Taber Award,Geological Sciences - Taber Award for Outstanding Masters Research,Geological Sciences and Geophysics - The Distinguished Academic Achievement Award,Harris Pastides and Patricia Moore-Pastides Student Sustainability Award,Green Quad Experimental Education Scholarship,Marine Science - The F. John Vernberg Graduate Fellowship in Marine Science,Marine Science Program Undergraduate Scholarships,Geological Sciences and Geophysics - Joseph R. LeConte Outstanding Junior Award,Environmental Science and Environmental Studies Scholarships,Geological Sciences - Taber Award for Outstanding Teaching,Master of Earth and Environmental Resources Management (MEERM) Graduate Fellowship,Geological Sciences - Taber Award for Outstanding Doctoral Research,Geological Sciences and Geophysics Scholarship,Marine Science - Richard C. Morris Marine Science Scholarship,Geological Sciences and Geophysics - Joseph R. LeConte Outstanding Senior Award,MEERM-Terracon USC Scholarship,Geological Sciences and Geophysics Graduate Scholarship,Marine Science - The F. John Vernberg Bicentennial Fellowship in Marine Science,Marine Science Endowed Student Support Fund
College of Arts and Sciences Sociology View Scholarships Available Outstanding Senior Major In Sociology
College of Arts and Sciences Statistics View Scholarships Available Stephen D. Durham Award,George A. Wauchope Award,W. J. Padgett Fellowship Fund,John D Spurrier Scholarship Award
College of Arts and Sciences Theatre and Dance View Scholarships Available Richard Durlach Dance Education,Helen Hayes Undergraduate Theatre Research Scholarship,Innis Anderson Ryan Graduate Scholarship,Rick & Rory Ackerman Endowed Fund in Arts & Sciences Scholarship,Helen Hayes Undergraduate Outstanding Contribution Scholarship,Berrien Cheatham Scholarship,The Dr. Phil Sawyer Endowment Fund,Dance USC Scholarship,Jane & Tommy Suggs Classical Ballet Endowment Fund Scholarship,Helen Hayes Undergraduate Theatre Recruitment Scholarship,USC Dance Programs Scholarship
College of Arts and Sciences Walker Institute View Scholarships Available Ceny Walker Undergraduate Fellowship,Seung Teun Kim Graduate Fellowship,Ceny Walker Graduate Travel Grant,Li-Ching Graduate Fellowship,International Experience Award,Donald J. Puchala Graduate Fellowship,The Dr. Richard Walker Memorial Endowed Fellowship
College of Arts and Sciences Women's Studies View Scholarships Available Harriott Hampton Faucette Award,Arney Robinson Childs Memorial Award in Women's Studies,Women's Studies Graduate Student Teaching Award,Mary Baskin Waters Award in Social Work and Women's Studies,Emily Thompson Student Award
College of Education Education View Scholarships Available AACTE Holmes Scholars Program for Underrepresented Minority Doctoral Students,Noyce Scholarships for Secondary Science and Mathematics Education,College of Education Departmental Scholarships,Croy West Endowed Scholarship Fund,Frank and Frankie McGuire Endowed Scholarship
College of Engineering and Computing   View Scholarships Available College of Engineering and Computing Scholarships
College of Hospitality, Retail, & Sports Management   View Scholarships Available George Rogers Endowed Scholarship,Dean's Research Fellowship,Graduate Fellowship / School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management (HRTM),The Henry D. Jacobs, Jr. Endowed Scholarship,Harold White Endowment Scholarship Fund,Chef John Peduzzi Food Lab and Scholarship Fund,College of Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management Miscellaneous Scholarship,Retail Scholarship Fund,Dr. Jack Weatherford Endowment Fund,Bonefish Grill Scholarship Fund,Garnet Jacket Classic Tournament Fund,Dan Reeves Sport Administration Scholarship,Toys R US,The Chef John Peduzzi Food Lab and Scholarship,Graduate/Teaching Assistantships for PHD Students,M. Walker Pearce Endowment Fund,The George Rogers Endowed Scholarship,College of HRSM Scholarship Endowment,E. Ellison Walker Endowment Fund,Collegiate Licensing Company / Learfields U of NYFW Program Scholarship,Mr. and Mrs. Phil E. Pearce Endowment,Craig S. Kelly Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund,Lourie's Scholarship Fund,Department of Retailing Scholarship Fund,Center for Mega-Event Research and Education (CMERE),Evelyn E. Harvey Endowed Scholarship,Pooser Bicentennial Scholarship Fund,Don Stowe International Scholarship,Blayne Brown Memorial Scholarship,College of HRSM Alumni Society Fund Travel Scholarship,Larry Ginocchio Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund,Tom B. Pearce, Jr. Endowed Scholarship,Weems O. Baskin, JR. Endowed Fund in Sport Administration,Charles B. Walker Endowment Fund,Piggly Wiggly Scholarship for Retailing Students in HRSM,Harold A. White Endowment Scholarship,HRTM Golf Tourism Experiential Learning Travel Scholarship,Shelby Kiff Endowed Scholarship,Henry D. Jacobs, Jr., Endowed Scholarship,College of Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management Endowed Scholarship,Retail Fashion Board,Bob and Anna Tronco Williams Lizards Thicket Scholarship Support Fund,Diamonds International Digital Marketing Competition,Toys "R" Us Scholarship Fund,Darlington Raceway Scholarships,Luanne Grant Smith Memorial Endowed Scholarship,Patricia G. Moody International Scholarship,Graduate Fellowship/ College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management (HRSM),The Jim Hunter Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund,Health Information Technology Consortium Fund (HITCF),Target Campus Grant NRF Scholarship,Blayne Brown Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund,College of HRSM Miscellaneous Scholarship,Target Campus Grant Case Study Competition,Gary and Jane Green Endowed Scholarship Fund
College of Information and Communications Journalism and Mass Communications View Scholarships Available Journalism and Mass Communictions Departmental Scholarships
College of Information and Communications Library and Information Science View Scholarships Available Library and Information Science Departmental Scholarships
College of Nursing   View Scholarships Available Nursing Departmental Scholarships
College of Pharmacy   View Scholarships Available Daniel Li-Ching Wang Scholarship Fund,John B. Singleton Memorial Scholarship,Louis Delwin King Scholarship,J.M. Smith Foundation Scholarship,Eugene P. and Lorraine M. Long Endowed Scholarship Fund,Plough Pharmacy Student Scholarship Fund,Don and Ellen Wall Endowment Fund,Clinton H. and Thea B. Worrell Endowment Fund,Donald W. Beam Pharmacy Scholarship,John F. Roche, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund,Jeffrey L. Bradham Memorial Scholarship,Leonard Browder Fellowship,John and Cindy Voris Endowment Fund,Charlene & Barry Bryant Family Endowment Fund,William B. Catoe, Jr. Memorial Scholarship,Peter T. and Mary Milliones Scholarship,Tapley-Francis Endowment Fund,Beamer-Raley Graduate Fellowship,Walker Pharmacy Leadership Scholars Operations,Marvin A. and Lois J. Hyatt Scholarship,The Ritedose Corporation Graduate Student Scholarship Fund,Herman W. Watson Scholarship,Jerry Hook Memorial Scholarship,Pharmacy TS Memorial Fund,Joe Hodge Consultant Pharmacist Scholarship Fund,Patty Workman Sizemore Memorial Scholarship,Ellis M. and Ann W. Fincher Scholarship,Leon and Betty George Endowed Scholarship,Ares Lambros and Sandra Pittman Artemes Scholarship,Kyle F. and Pamela L. McHugh Endowed Scholarship,John L. and Julie Sease Dennis Endowed Scholarship Fund,Charles M. Campbell Endowed Fund,William P & Lou W Kennedy Pharmacy Practice Innovation Center Fund,James A. & Dorothy H. Campbell Scholarship,Scott Benjamin Sherr Memorial Scholarship,Farid Sadik Scholarship Fund,Martin M. Broadway Scholarship,Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International Scholarship Fund,Frances O. and Lynn E. Connelly Endowed Scholarship Fund,Julian H. and Betty J. Fincher Scholarship,Herbert B. and Emily M. Fincher Scholarship,Meghan Oliver Scholarship Fund,Horace M. Kaiser Scholarship,Robert E. Padgett, Jr. and Mozelle Mathis Padgett Scholarship,Edith A. Inman Memorial Scholarship,Carolina Pharmacies Unlimited Endowment Fund,National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) Scholarship,Robert W. Morrison Scholarship,Lois W. Nichols Fund,Arthur Poliakoff Memorial Scholarship,The College Of Pharmacy, USC Campus, Student Support Fund,Diane Powers Owen Memorial Scholarship,Barbour Family Endowed Scholarship,V.F. Platt, Jr. Scholarship,C.E. and Nancy Reeder Scholarship Fund,Julian A. Reynolds, Jr. Bicentennial Scholarship,Kennedy Pharmacy Innovation Center Scholarship,College of Pharmacy Scholarship,A.B. Sullivan Scholarship Fund,Rite Aid Pharmacy Scholarship Fund,Myrtle E. Mackey Scholarship,Dan F. McCormick Scholarship Fund,James M. Plaxco & J. Walter Sowell Endowed Scholarship Fund,Alva B. Campbell Scholarship,George A. Sample, Sr. Scholarship,J. Stephen and Janis C. Patton Bicentennial Scholarship,USC College of Pharmacy Alumni Scholarship,Jack G. Watts, Sr. Endowment Scholarship,Derrick Family Endowment Fund,Charles R. Yandell Scholarship,William Wesley Fincher Scholarship,Paul and Maribeth Kowalski Endowed Scholarship,Federal Pharmacists Association of Columbia Scholarship,Randall C. Rowen Scholarship Endowment,2018 AFPE Gateway to Research Scholarship Stipend,James W. McCallum Scholarship,L. Clifton Fuhman Endowment Fund,Stephen H. Ashcraft Pharmacy Management Fellowship,H. Joe Smith and Imogene Smith Endowed Scholarship Fund,Dianne Rauch Karig Scholarship,T.D. and Nell Williams, Jr. Scholarship,Tony and Jeanette Walker Scholarship
College of Social Work   View Scholarships Available College of Social Work scholarships
Division of Student Affairs Career Center View Scholarships Available Richter Internship Scholarship Application,Richter Mini-Grant Application
Division of Student Affairs Housing View Scholarships Available Allen B. Harman, Jr. Memorial Scholarship,James R. Red Smith Memorial Scholarship,Melinda Quiring and Lawrence Nettina Memorial Scholarship
Division of Student Affairs Student Affairs/Life View Scholarships Available Rosemary Broadway Memorial Scholarship,Student Government Scholarship: Brian Comer Student Government Scholarship,Zeta Zeta Endowed Scholarship Fund,Jackson-Rivers Scholarship,Reid Family Internship in Office of Parents Programs,Strom Thurmond/Steve Cannon Carolina Cares Scholarship,Annie Mack Childs Endowed Scholarship Fund,Delta Upsilon Man of Excellence Scholarship,Mortar Board Graduate Fellowship,Student Government Scholarship: Freshman Counsel Marie-Louise Ramsdal Scholarship,Wilson-Kibler Bicentennial Award,Rev. O.W. "Woody" Hammett Scholarship,Strom Thurmond/Steve Cannon Carolina Cares Scholarship,Theresa Francis Pitts Scholarship,The Beta Zeta House Corporation Endowed Scholarship,Fraternity Council Scholarship,Mortar Board Scholarship,Sorority Council Scholarship,Student Government Scholarship: Student Body President's Scholarship,Jeffrey S. Smolka Rugby Endowed Scholarship,Carolina Remembrance Scholarship
Division of Student Affairs University 101 View Scholarships Available University 101 Scholarship
Enrollment Management Student Financial Aid & Scholarships View Scholarships Available Student Financial Aid & Scholarships Opportunities
Graduate School / Institutional Planning   View Scholarships Available Three Minute Thesis Awards
Graduate School / Institutional Planning English Program for Internationals View Scholarships Available The EPI Fund,English Programs for Internationals International Scholarship Fund
Graduate School / Institutional Planning Graduate School View Scholarships Available Presidential Fellows,George M. Reeves Fellowship Fund,Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award,Dera D. Parkinson Fellowship,Outstanding Graduate Research Award,C.C. Royal Endowment,Graduate School Fund,Outstanding Thesis Award,Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award,The Graduate School (Graduate Incentive Fellowships),Dean's Award for Excellence in Graduate Study,Instructions Development Program
Institute for Families in Society   View Scholarships Available Michael Daniel Smith and Alexander Tyler Smith Scholarship Award
Institute for Public Service and Policy Research   View Scholarships Available Washington Semester Program
Joseph F. Rice School of Law   View Scholarships Available Joseph F. Rice School of Law Scholarships
Moore School of Business   View Scholarships Available Neal Brothers Annual Scholarship,Elliot Davis LLC Fund,Wells Fargo Fund for Excellence,Lockton MHR Student Fellowship,Rising Star Fellowship,Gregory Curtis Lackey Fellowship,Charles H. DuBose, Jr.,William M. Ginn Business Endowment,FAME - DMSB Risk Management & Insurance Scholarship,Marketing PhD Scholarship,Maria Yang Memorial Fellowship Fund,Restricted scholarship for 5th year International Business PhD students,MHR Fund,Shell Oil Corporation MHR Fellowship,Founder's Endowment Fund,David Newell Memorial Fund,William F. Putnam Scholarship,Riegel/Emory Center Annual Fund,Sonoco MHR Student Fellowship,Mark J. Leggett Memorial Fellowship Fund,Kimberly A. and Thomas D. Payne Bicentennial Scholarship Endowment,Hipp Endowed Fellowship Fund,Turnaround Management Association Scholarship,Barnes Family Business Scholarship Endowment Fund,Robert A. Harden Memorial,Eaton Corporation MHR Fellowships,MHR Emergency Student Aid Fund,SunTrust MHR Fellowship,TIAA-CREF MHR Fellowship,Rebecca L Mason Annual Scholarship Fund,Insurance Office of America,Frances Reedy Buyck Fellowship Endowment Fund,R. Jason Caskey Endowed Fellowship Fund,BOA - W.W. "Hootie" Johnson Scholarship Fund,Dr William R Folks, Jr. Fund for International Business,Ted E. Drucker Scholarship Endowment Fund,Center for Executive Succession,GreerWalker LLP Accounting Fund,S. Travis Pritchett,PhD Student Award,Brune Family Endowment Fund,IB Cohort,SCANA-Sonat Fellowship,Exxon Mobil Corporation MHR Fellowships,James M. Hagood Memorial,Margaret V. Hunt Scholarship Fund,Charles W. Coker Memorial,James F. Dickie Memorial Fellowship,PricewaterhouseCoopers Scholarship,Wang China Initiative at the DMSB,Sedgwick of the Carolinas Scholarship,Heidi and Lloyd Solomon Study Abroad Award,Coca-Cola MHR Fellowship,Olin S. Pugh Memorial Fellowship Fund,Apex Tool Group MHR Student Fellowship,Jane Willis and Julian Dalzell Fund,Restricted Scholarship for PhD students in Accounting Department,PhD Student Fund,Boeing Case Competition Award,BMW,Manuel and Elizabeth Gaetan Endowed Scholarship Fund,Riegel / Emory Center,AG First Diversity Endowed Scholarship,Steve C. Nicholson Scholarship Endowment,Freeman Foundation Fellowship,Bridgestone MHR Fellowship,Thomas J. Sargeant Fund,Independent Insurance Agents of Columbia Scholarship,PhD Doctoral Support,Taftali International Business Endowment Fund,Richard A. B. Cox Annual Scholarship Fund,Carolina Surety Association Scholarship,Total System Services, Inc. (TSYS) MHR Fellowship,Darla Moore Fellowship,MACC Fellowships,John C. Muse Memorial,S. Travis Pritchett Fellowship Endowment,Willard and Nancy Shelly Business at Moore Alumni Scholarship,Boeing MHR Fellowship,Robert Harden Scholarship,AVX/Kyocera,H. Max & Margaret Hicks Nesbitt Scholarship,Cheslie Kryst Scholarship Endowed Fund,Berry Family Annual Fund,The Holzbach Scholarship Endowment,Harry & Anna Abramson Memorial Scholarship Fund,David L. Hadler Risk Management Award,SCANA MHR Student Fellowship,Restricted scholarship for 5th year PhD students in Finance department,Douglas K. Freeman Endowed Scholarship Fund,The Peggy F. McDougald Scholarship,Women in Business Council - Boeing Case Competition,Frito - Lay North America MHR Student Fellowship,Jeffrey S. Arpan Fellowship,Dr. William R. Thomas Scholarship Endowment,Accounting PhD Scholarship,Accounting Enrichment,Rising Scholars 1st Year Housing Assistance,Professional Insurance Agents of South Carolina,Michelin North America, Inc Endowment Fund,Black Alumni Alliance Scholarship,Trey and Shannan Ackerman Annual Fund,Doctoral Dual Degree Programs,T. Eston Marchant & Caroline B. Marchant Endowed Scholarship in Business Administration,Gary A. Poliakoff Fellowship,Dewey H. Johnson Professorship of Economics,Management Science Enrichment Fund,John and Julie Herron Fellowship,Operations and Supply Chain Outstanding Student Award,George E. Olson Memorial,Tyson MHR Fellowship,J. Willis Cantey Endowed Fellowship Fund,Dean's Discretionary Fund,H. Talcott Stith, Jr. and Fontaine Wilson Stith Schlp Fund,W. Grant Johnson Study Abroad Fund,Ukraine Crisis Student Emergency Fund,Ernst & Young Fellowship,Management Science PhD Scholarship,Faber Activities Award,JEAR Logistics Scholarship,Bennett Family Scholarship Fund,The Morrisette Family Endowment Fund,Charlie E. Bradshaw, Jr. Endowment Scholarship Fund,Regions Bank of South Carolina Scholarship,Fluor Daniel IB Fellowship,Clevenger MHR Alumni,Synchrony Financial MHR Student Fellowship,General Electric Co. MHR Student Fellowship,Dr. John A. and Lynnda P. Kilpatrick Fellowship Fund,Sonoco International Business Fund,Sam Laundon Memorial Annual Scholarship,The Sylvia S. and Charles H. Harris Bicentennial Scholarship Fund,MSB Doctoral Assistantships,Robin Emery Memorial Fund,Self Insurance Educational Foundation (SIEF) Scholarship,MSB Doctoral Program,DMSB Upstate Alumni Chapter Professional Development Fund,Underrepresented Student Scholarship,Inman-Riverdale Foundation Scholarship,Schmoyer Accounting Fellowship,John A. Warren Scholarship Endowment,Taylor Foundation of Newberry, Inc. Endowment,SC Insurance Association,Caroline D. Strobel Annual Fund,School of Accounting - PwC Excellence Fund,John E. and Donna P. Boyle Scholarship,Friends of Accounting,Melayne McInnes Memorial Fund,The H. Montague Osteen, JR Professorship in Banking & Finance,John Keyes Memorial Fellowship,International Services Scholarship,UPS Global Scholars Program,Cheslie Kryst Scholarship Annual Fund,Donald H. Cramer Memorial,SC Chapter of CPCU Scholarship,Scott and Stephanie Benbenek Business Endowed Scholarship Fund,Dr. James B. Edwards Annual Fellowship Fund,Mary M. Brewer Endowed Scholarship Fund,Ingersoll Rand MHR Student Fellowship,Restricted scholarship for 5th year PhD students in Marketing department,Mauldin & Jenkins LLC,Frank B. Lane Memorial,The Rick and Rory Ackerman Endowed Fund,Herman November Scholarship Endowment Fund,Michelin MHR Student Fellowship,E. Craig Wall, Jr.,Addison Family Study Abroad Fund,Fred S. Lytle Endowment Fund,International Activities Scholarship,Finance PhD Scholarship,Kenneth Duane Gray Scholarship,Jeffrey C. and Rebecca D. Fuge Annual Scholarship Fund,Jill Griffin Endowed Fellowship Fund,Allyson Kreps Hearn Memorial Fund,Bob Pozen Fellowship
Office of the Board of Trustees   View Scholarships Available Thomas L. Stepp Board of Visitors Scholarship
Palmetto College   View Scholarships Available Alumni Scholarship,Mary B. Sturdevant Adult Scholarship,Mildred and Claude Vaughn Adult Student Schlp,Nicholas and Gartha Mitchell Adult Student Schlp,Harriett M. Hurt Adult Student Student Scholarship
Provost Office   View Scholarships Available Student Access Scholarship,Grace Jordan McFadden Professors Program
School of Medicine   View Scholarships Available McLeod Foundation Medical Scholars,Lilla Bush McNulty & William McNulty Medical Student Scholarship,Laura R. and William M. Corbett Trust Scholarship,The Kensley Fuller Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund,The Equity Scholarship,The John D. & Patricia L. Beckler Foundation in Alzheimer's & Cognitive Disease Fund,CAM/ COBRE Scholarship,School of Medicine Departmental Fund ( Parkinson's Disease Basic Science Research)
School of Medicine - Greenville   View Scholarships Available C. Dan Adams Scholarship,SOM Greenville Scholarship,SOM Williams Scholarship,Goldsmith Scholarship,Health Greenville 2036 Scholarship
School of Music   View Scholarships Available The Music Graduate Financial Aid Quasi-Endowed Fund,Palmetto Mastersingers Award,School of Music-USC Symphony,James K. Copenhaver Alumni Band Scholarship,The Opera Program Fund,Herald Marching Band Scholarship Fund,Mary Curtis Hawes Music Scholarship,The Abraham M. Robinson and Annette Cohn Robinson Endowment for Jewish Music Fund,Concert Choir Scholarship Fund,John and Lucrecia Herr Award for Composition,Cantey Award for Excellence,Robert Van Doren Scholarship,Carroll Taussig Fellowship in Opera,Roy and Nancy West Endowed Scholarship,John K. Adams Music Scholarship,Arthur Frazer Music Scholarship,John Lawrence McElyea Scholarship Fund,Stephen Francis Endowed Scholarship Fund,Betty Ann Darby Music Scholarship,Christopher Berg Endowment Fund,Sigma Alpha Lota,LeDare Robinson Awards for Academic Excellence,Hugh P. and Evelyn P. Williams Music Scholarship,Robert Jesselson Cello Fund,Gene Ferguson Music Scholarship,The Aprad Darazs Endowment Fund for the Advancement of Choral Music,The USC Symphony Orchestra Fund,USC Chamber Music Fund,John T. Emche Memorial Music Scholarship,Richard P. Conant Endowment Fund,Bong Hi Kim Music Scholarship,Connie Lane Scholarship Fund,Aiken Performing Arts Group Vocal Arts Graduate Fellowship Program in Honor of Frederica von Stade Fund,Lila Bird Wheeler Music Scholarship,International Travel Fund,Dana Dunbar Kirkland Memorial Music Scholarship,Grant M. Gallagher Music Scholarship Fund,William J. Moody Music Scholarship,School of Music,Fairhaven [Opera] Fund,The Henry and Sylvia Yaschik Music Endowed Scholarship Fund,Women's Club Music Scholarship,Bill Moore Left Bank Jazz Scholarship,The Lynn Murphy Collins Marching Band Scholarship Fund,Jazz Foundation of South Carolina Scholarship,Dr. Harold Miller Music Scholarship,McCutcheon-Pleasants Family Music Scholarship,Earnest A. Brooks Memorial Music Scholarship,Friends of the School of Music Scholarship,Robert L. VanDoren Music Scholarship,Elva Meggs/Chip Williams Carolina Alive Scholarship Fund,Arnold Shayne Music Scholarship,The Carey Sanders Grewer Marching Band Endowment Fund,Graduate Fellowship for Music Education in Strings,Everett T. and Catherine W. Summerall Endowment Fund,The Dick and Missie Day Piano Endowment Fund,James D. Pritchard Scholarship Fund,Presser Scholarship,Dr. and Mrs. Ambrose Hampton Jr. Jazz Studies Scholarship,Jennifer Hess Koenemann Endowed Scholarship,Shirley Knox Bicentennial Music Scholarship,Rick and Rory Ackerman Endowed Fund In Music,Laury M. Christie Scholarship,Boone Fellowship,Cornelia Freeman September Concert Series,Carolina Summer Music Conference
South Carolina Honors College   View Scholarships Available Ryan Family Bicentennial Fellowship,William A. Mould Endowed Scholarship,Bridget and Jason Martin Family Scholarship,South Carolina Honors College Alumni Scholarship,Carol and John Kososki Scholarship,Chi Omega Centennial Scholarship,William A. Mould South Carolina Washington Semester Program Endowed Scholarship,South Carolina Honors College Endowment Scholarship,Beyond the Classroom Initiatives Fund,Norton-Young South Carolina Washington Semester Program Endowed Scholarship,Elizabeth Albright Belser and Duncan Clinch Heyward Belser Scholarship,Guerin Family Honors College Scholarship,David D. Brown Scholarship,Ted and Gladys Vinzani Endowed Scholarship,Fishman Family and Komito Scholarship,McAnulty Endowed Scholarship Fund,Amanda Kay Seals Scholarship,Robbins Family Scholarship,Patricia Ann Tangney Dumiak Scholarship,James L. Stiver Scholarship,Robert Hampton Hill and Catherine Finley Hill Study Abroad Scholarship,Sherri and Charles Timmons Scholarship,William A. Mould and Peter C. Sederberg Scholarship,Garnet and Bruce Aitchison Endowed Scholarship Fund,Peter C. Sederberg Scholarship,Andrea B. and Jerre D. Sumter Scholarship,The Winn Study Abroad Scholarship,John S. Herin Scholarship Fund est. by Greg Smith,James Gadsden Holmes IV Scholarship,Summer Smith Taylor Internship Award,Edmund Martin Foley Thesis Award,Gray-Mims Endowed Scholarship,Deborah Y. Edwards Endowment Fund,David W. Robinson Scholarship,Paul A. Sansbury, Jr. Scholarship,Taylor Family Endowment Fund
TRIO   View Scholarships Available J. Manning Hiers Scholarship Fund,Karen and Tony Burks TRIO Scholarship Fund
University Libraries   View Scholarships Available Digital Piranesi

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