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The stage set for Convocation with flags representing different university colleges.


An annual tradition, our Convocation is a special time for faculty, new students and families.

Every August, the University of South Carolina invites the new academic class to attend New Student Convocation, a ceremony commemorating your inclusion as a new student at the university.

Along with new students and family members, additional participants include the President, the university's chief administrator; the Provost, the chief academic officer; representatives of the Board of Trustees, the institution’s governing body, to which the president of the university is responsible; and the deans of schools and colleges, the chief administrators and academic officers of their respective schools or colleges.

Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2023

New Student Convocation begins promptly at 11 a.m. on August 23 and lasts for about one hour.

The exterior of the Colonial Life Arena.


  • Group of students taking a selfie at Convocation.
  • Cookies with Cocky

    Join us for a reception immediately following the ceremony on the CLA concourse for refreshments and the opportunity to take photos with Cocky.

  • Group of people taking a photo with Cocky, the president and Provost.
  • Group of people taking a photo with Cocky, the president and Provost.

Carolinian Creed

The community of scholars at UofSC is dedicated to personal and academic excellence. Choosing to join the community obligates each member to a code of civilized behavior.

As a Carolinian…
I will practice personal and academic integrity;
I will respect the dignity of all persons;
I will respect the rights and property of others;
I will discourage bigotry, while striving to learn from differences in people, ideas and opinions;
I will demonstrate concern for others, their feelings, and their need for conditions which support their work and development.

Allegiance to these ideals  — our Carolinian Creed — requires each Carolinian to refrain from and discourage behaviors which threaten the freedom and respect every individual deserves.

A student receives the Creed award from the student body president.

University Symbols

The university is represented in symbols that highlight our pride, who we are and all that we aspire to uphold. They are brought to life in traditional elements that are part of official events and ceremonies as well as everyday items that symbolize our spirit and loyalty.

  • The Carolina Mace

    The Carolina Mace

    The Carolina Mace, fashioned by English silversmith Leslie Durbin, is the symbol of the university’s corporate entity and authority, as well as of the endeavors of the university community. The mace, dedicated in 1967, is carried in procession on occasions of importance by the president of student government.

  • President's Medallion

    President's Medallion

    The significance of the mace is mirrored in the President’s Medallion and Chain of Office, designating the wearer as the temporary embodiment of the university’s power and authority. The gift of the medallion accompanied the gift of the mace. The silver Chain of Office was commissioned in 1991 by the Presidential Candidate Search Committee.

  • UofSC ring with official University Seal

    University Seal

    The university seal was adopted in 1803 and is comprised of two figures representing Liberty and Minerva, Roman goddess of wisdom, whose shield is a representation of the seal of the State of South Carolina.


students raise their hands as part of the alma mater

Alma Mater

“We Hail Thee, Carolina”
(Tune: “Flow Gently, Sweet Afton”)

We hail thee, Carolina, and sing thy high praise;
With loyal devotion, rememb’ring the days;
When proudly we sought thee, thy children to be;
Here’s a health, Carolina, forever to thee!

— G.A. Wauchope