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USC chemist Chuanbing Tang leads NSF center in novel bioplastics research

As director of the NSF Center for Polymers for a Circular Economy, chemistry professor Chuanbing Tang is leading an effort to develop a plastics alternative with a sustainable pathway to be recycled and biodegraded. In this interview, Tang explains the crisis and how creating new bioplastics will help.

Beyond a single story

Ten Carolina students ventured far beyond their homes for the first time last summer. Leaving behind the comforts of the familiar to board a plane to Ghana, Africa, their mission was to embrace Ghanaian culture through art and storytelling.

Tammi Richardson honored with 2024 SEC Faculty Achievement Award

Tammi Richardson's excellence in teaching and research have earned her the 2023 SEC Faculty Achievement Award and SEC Professor of the Year nomination.

How your home shapes your politics: Q&A with Krissy Lunz Trujillo

During an election year, you'll see your news and social media feeds increasingly filled with examples of political polarization. But differences in political opinions also have roots in where you call home. Political scientist Krissy Lunz Trujillo researches how the division between urban and rural communities drives polarization between opposing political views.

Jewish scholar of New Testament to speak at USC about antisemitism and improving Christian-Jewish relations

The 2024 Solomon-Tenenbaum Lecture in Jewish Studies at the University of South Carolina will explore an interfaith view on antisemitism, including a discussion of how Christian-Jewish relations can improve through a more faithful reading of ancient scripture from both traditions.

Biology research course brings fresh perspectives into undergraduate research

When Adara “Auden” Grant registered for the Research in Biology course last semester, they were initially looking to fulfill lab hours needed for their major.

From orientation to the chem lab: incoming students connect with research through new initiative

In the Fall 2023 semester, the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry launched the Undergraduate Research Initiative, a new program to get more freshmen involved in research. Their first semester, students learn the basics of chemistry and how to work in a laboratory. Then, they put their new skills to work in a laboratory run by a professor on campus, gaining hands-on experience.

USC anthropologist confronts centuries-long structural neglect of elderly, mentally ill

Carlina de la Cova's recent research hit close to home. As she studied the remains of people who died in public hospitals and other institutions more than 100 years ago, she couldn't help thinking about her grandmother, her mother-in-law and others in her life who have needed institutional care.

Supreme Court heads into uncharted, dangerous territory as it considers Trump insurrection case

On Feb. 8, the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of Trump v. Anderson. Scholars dive into the importance of this case as it could affect the legitimacy of the court and shine light on the legality of his ballot removal.

USC criminology professor sheds new light on school gun violence

Growing up nurturing a fascination with mysteries and human behavior, Brent Klein interned at the FBI during college, delving into domestic terrorism investigations, and now focuses his curiosity and expertise on examining the pressing issue of school gun violence.

USC students bring untold history of Sumter, S.C., to the public

A newly digitized collection of archives of the Williams Furniture Company serves as a key source for a traveling exhibit coming in 2024.

Alumni Spotlight: Marva Smalls

Marva Smalls attended the University of South Carolina specifically to be close to the center of state government. She knew she wanted to work in politics, and she wanted to start right away.

Watch Me Jumpstart!

USC Geography Alumnus and MapQuest Cofounder Chris Heivly Aims to Ignite the Capital City’s Flickering Tech Sector.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution editor-in-chief Leroy Chapman inspires next generation of journalists

In March 2023, University of South Carolina alumnus Leroy Chapman Jr. made headlines — as the first person of color to be named editor-in-chief of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Former S.C. Gov. David Beasley to join faculty at USC law school

Former South Carolina Gov. David Beasley will join the faculty of the University of South Carolina Joseph F. Rice School of Law on March 1.

AI and data science: The new frontier of autism research

Researchers at USC combine large datasets and machine learning to break new ground.

Student Spotlight: Sol Wilson, studio art (graphic design), class of 2024

Sol Wilson, a graphic design student at USC and an intern for the College of Arts and Sciences, is helping to shape the college's image. She created the artwork design for the college's 2023 holiday card, the cover image of the college's December alumni and friends newsletter, as well as social media posts and promotional materials for academic programs.

New McCausland Fellows make their mark in arts, humanities and science

The College of Arts and Sciences has named 10 new McCausland Fellows, recipients of the college's most prestigious faculty fellowship for early-career faculty.

Anthropologist proposes changes to radiation zone policies

Around the world, hundreds of thousands of people live near former nuclear test sites. Often, this leaves them exposed to radioactive waste, which can lead to leukemia and other cancers. Anthropologist and College of Arts and Sciences professor Magdalena Stawkowski is working to help keep people in these areas safer.

Neuroscience student leans into the humanities to prepare for patient care

For a neuroscience major, a theater professor might be an unexpected choice for a research advisor. But for senior Jade Hannan, a weekly theater workshop has played a central role in her honors thesis. She's found that studying the humanities has helped her build skills she will need as a future physician or clinical researcher.

USC scientist joins Department of Energy team to combat climate change

Earth's oceans hold the key to a healthy planet. Claudia Benitez-Nelson, a Carolina Distinguished faculty member and ocean researcher, is joining the global mission to store greenhouse gases in the ocean to lessen climate change, thanks to support from a $4.8 million grant from the Department of Energy.

Class of 2023 December graduates

As the December Class of 2023 prepares to walk across the commencement stage, graduates leave the University of South Carolina with memories of enduring friendships, newfound passions, supportive mentors and life-changing experiences.

Associate professor of geoscience education Katherine Ryker encourages observation and discovery

Associate professor of geoscience education Katherine Ryker teaches students to teach themselves by encouraging them to be more observant and to follow their curiosity where it leads them.

USC class goes beyond the books to study stats history

History of Probability and Statistics offered students from the Honors College and the College of Arts and Sciences an overview of the people and experiments that led to the development of the field of statistics, from the early pioneers of the 17th century to the innovators of the modern era.

As the US begins to build offshore wind farms, scientists say many questions remain about impacts on th

As renewable energy production expands across the U.S., the environmental impacts of these new sources are receiving increased attention. The Conversation asked USC marine scientist Erin L. Meyer-Gutbrod and others to explain the key findings of a recent report on how offshore wind farms in the Nantucket Shoals region could affect critically endangered North Atlantic right whales.

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