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College of Arts and Sciences

  • Kamari Boyd navigates the narrow boardwalk to take part in a global study of organic matter decomposition in salt marshes.

    Research starts when you do

Research Opportunities

College is a process of discovery, and research is one of the most important parts of discovering your potential. You can get involved with research as early as your first year on campus. It’s easy. Just ask your professors about their work and how you can get involved.

The possibilities are endless

Professors in the College of Arts and Sciences have hundreds of research projects that you can explore, and many involve students in gathering data, making observations, running experiments and studying results.

On top of that, you might do research as part of a class, or start your unique project with a student research grant. Here are just a few things you could work on in the College of Arts and Sciences:

  • Solve a mystery about how the nervous system heals
  • Make civil rights history come alive with on-campus archives
  • Explore distant galaxies with modern space telescopes
  • Examine how a Shakespearean stage changes the theatre experience
  • See how society functions and how it could change 


For the future

Gigi Jones was a freshman when she asked a simple question — How can I get involved in research? — and now she is working on a much bigger question — How can we make future nuclear power plants safer? She joined a chemistry lab that is working on new ways to store nuclear fuel. It opened up new possibilities for her career.

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