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Impact Conference

The Impact Conference is an annual convening of thought leaders, advocates, and learners desiring to stimulate conversation and strengthen engagement across dimensions of difference.

Past Conferences

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Keynote Speaker Dr. Kimberly Harden Founder and CEO of Harden Consulting Group and award-winning educator, philanthropist and author

The 2023 conference theme was: Cultural Intelligence: The Bridge to Elevating Academic Excellence and Professional Leadership.

Cultural intelligence (CQ) is an individual's ability to effectively understand, communicate, and navigate across different cultural contexts. It encompasses the capacity to interact respectfully and competently with people from varying backgrounds.

Cultural intelligence is also essential in the interconnected world of that time, where individuals frequently interacted with people from a range of backgrounds, whether in personal, professional, or academic settings. Developing cultural intelligence fosters respect, cooperation, and effective communication, leading to more successful outcomes in cross-cultural interactions.

Attendees heard from esteemed facilitators on how having a strong CQ built bridges for academic success, enhanced collaboration, and eliminated knowledge gaps for both personal and professional growth.

The event was open to USC faculty, staff, and students.





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