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Minor in Southern Studies

Explore the South--Minor in Southern Studies!

Why minor in Southern Studies?

Regardless of a student's educational and career plans, the minor in Southern Studies program offers an excellent academic framework for looking back on a Southern upbringing or looking beyond college to years when Southern identity may serve as a focus for reading and other intellectual pursuits, as it does for many USC graduates. For students considering graduate or professional school, the minor in Southern Studies offers additional advantages. The core SOST courses are designed not only to cover particular substantive topics but also to provide training in academic skills and methods. In addition to preparing effectively to undertake advanced work, including independent research projects, participants in the Southern Studies program benefit from opportunities to establish valuable relationships with the many USC faculty members whose research and teaching interests center on the South.

What's the minor in Southern Studies consist of?

The minor in Southern Studies requires a minimum of 18 credit hours, which must include SOST 201, SOST 202 (known as SOST301 and SOST302 prior to Fall 2023), and four additional courses in at least two fields.

The additional courses may be SOST courses, Honors College proseminars or departmental courses that focus on the South, or special courses for which a student may receive credit upon petitioning the Southern Studies program (for example, Topics or Independent Study courses).

SOST 201 and SOST 202 provide historical surveys of the Southern experience and familiarizes students with classic works of regional culture. The elective courses in the program enable students to pursue interests in Southern folklife, music, religion, history, literature, politics, landscapes, and other topics.

Approved SOST courses may be found at this link.


For more information about the minor in Southern Studies, email Dr. Matt Simmons at

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