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Department of Geography


Kevin Haynes

Title: Director, USC Campus GIS
Department: Geography
College of Arts and Sciences
Office: Callcott 321
Resources: Curriculum Vitae [pdf]
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Headshot of Kevin Haynes


Kevin Haynes is a broadly trained urban geographer with a diverse educational background and a passion for leveraging geospatial technologies to drive organizational objectives. Holding a Master of Science in Geography, a Master of Arts in Public Administration, and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Western Michigan University, Kevin brings a multidisciplinary approach to his work.

Following his graduate studies, Kevin demonstrated his commitment to public service by providing crucial geospatial analysis to the South Carolina National Guard during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kevin collaborated closely with military leadership to integrate geospatial analysis and storytelling into decision-making processes. This experiences ignited his interest in the strategic application of geospatial tools to address complex societal and organizational challenges. His expertise in geospatial strategic planning, program management, leadership, and evaluation brings a professional lens to the study of GIScience at the University of South Carolina, enriching the educational landscape with practical insights and real-world applications.

As the Director of Campus GIS, Kevin Haynes is dedicated to a mission of empowerment. His goal is to integrate geospatial technology into education and research initiatives, equipping the University of South Carolina community with the tools and knowledge necessary to harness the power of spatial data effectively. His vision is to create a future where spatial data is a cornerstone of innovation and progress.

Kevin Haynes's approach is not just about championing the institutionalization of GIS within organizations but about fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. Through his leadership, he strives to create an environment where geospatial insights are seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the institution, instilling confidence in the potential of GIS to maximize mission impact.


  • GEOG 105: Digital Earth

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