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Department of Geography


Sicheng Wang

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Geography
College of Arts and Sciences
Office: Callcott 213
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Department of Geography
Headshot of Dr. Sicheng Wang


Dr. Sicheng Wang earned a Ph.D. in Planning and Public Policy from Rutgers University in 2021. He was a postdoctoral fellow at Michigan State University from 2021 to 2023, working on an NSF-funded project — Preparing the Future Workforce for the Era of Automated Vehicles (WEAVE). He also worked at the Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center (Rutgers University) and the National Center for Smart Growth (University of Maryland). Sicheng was an urban planner and planning project manager before he started pursuing his academic career. Sicheng’s research topics include transportation, emerging technologies, smart cities and infrastructure, and equity and resilience of society.


The ongoing technology revolution changes our ways of living, working, traveling, and communicating and redefines our society. To inform equitable and sustainable planning and policymaking, I have dedicated my research career to investigating social, economic, and environmental issues related to emerging technologies. My interdisciplinary research applies advanced GIScience applications and spatial analytics in investigations of smart and resilient transportation and infrastructure, mobility as a service, the gig economy, autonomous vehicles, opportunity accessibility, and social inclusion.
My recent research projects have delved into the nuanced realm of human attitudes and behavioral shifts in response to on-demand ridesourcing and autonomous vehicles. The disruptive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on behavioral patterns has also captured my attention, as has the issue of occupational mobility and job displacement linked to the advent of autonomous vehicles. Furthermore, I've examined the multifaceted landscape of accessibility to diverse opportunities and activities, gauging the ripple effects of transportation regulations, and assessing the far-reaching consequences of rising sea levels on infrastructure and employment prospects. An essential facet of my work involves shedding light on disadvantages faced by particularly vulnerable segments of our population. This includes single parents, women, racial and ethnic minorities, low-income people, and those marginalized by societal norms. My research strives to amplify their voices, bringing attention to the hurdles they confront and advocating for solutions that foster greater equity and inclusivity. In essence, I endeavor to contribute to a future where technology-driven progress is not only a force for advancement but a catalyst for a more just and sustainable world.


  • GEOG 105: The Digital Earth
  • GEOG 341: Cartography

Recent Publications

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