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Our research impacts life in South Carolina and beyond through scientific advances, artistic innovation and exploration of the human condition. The College of Arts and Sciences pushes the frontiers of knowledge, driving innovation that leads to change both small and large. Our faculty collaborate across their disciplines to answer questions that matter to the mind and heart.



Faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences receive more than $30 million in grants each year to support research, outreach and other educational programming. Explore them here.


Research News

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Graduate scholar mines genes in gut microbiome

When Ethan Older thinks of bacteria, he envisions tiny chemists at work inside us. A doctoral student in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Older researches the bacteria that live in the human digestive tract from a genetic standpoint. His work may lead to breakthroughs in treating diseases scientists have yet to fully understand.

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New minor aims to meet need for SC forensic scientists

In her forensic chemistry lab, Molly Kantor learned techniques to analyze crime scenes and gained skills she hopes to use in a future career with the FBI. Kantor is one of the first students to take the forensics minor, a new program organized by Dr. Way Fountain of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

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Geography graduate scholar aims to improve urban planning using emergent tech

Huan Ning, a Breakthrough Graduate Scholar in geography, is using artificial intelligence to bridge technology with geographic information science research.

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It started here: USC professor, students research first Black U.S. Army regiment

A class at USC is making significant contributions to the history of the 1st South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiment. Part of a project led by history professor Valinda Littlefield, this research involves multiple institutions nationwide.

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Garnet research provides clues about Earth's history and its future

McCausland Fellow Besim Dragovic has a favorite mineral —it’s garnet, of course. Garnet is a mineral that carries a wealth of information about unique locations on Earth and their history as well as element-containing rocks hold several possibilities for sustainability.

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Understanding people and place

Cultural anthropologist Monica Barra studies how racial inequalities are shaped by scientific practices, racial histories and climate change in the U.S. South.

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SEOE researcher launches underwater robots to protect endangered right whales

University researcher Erin Meyer-Gutbrod aims to protect endangered right whales from ship strikes using underwater listening robots to track their locations.

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