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Month Principal Investigator Sponsor Project Title Amount Keywords
(hidden column)
May 2024 Lu, Qun National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS)/NIH Homeostatic Reset as a New Therapeutic Paradigm for Slow Progression Diseases $1,865,363  
May 2024 Outten, Franklin NSF Unraveling the novel functions of E. coli GrxD and its BolA and IbaG partners in Fe-S cluster and cell envelope biogenesis $1,117,707  
May 2024 Adams, Ian Arnold Ventures LLC (Laura and John Arnold Foundation) 2025 Interdisciplinary Policing Workshop $63,628  
May 2024 Wright, Parrish Loeb Classical Library Foundation Mythology, Identity, and Diplomacy in Pre-Roman Italy $35,000  
May 2024 Thorne, Frank Maryland Procurement Office/ONR/NSA Number Theory Meetings in the Southeast $22,222  
May 2024 Kunchur, Milind Wireworld by David Salz, Inc. Psychoacoustic study of audio speaker cables $39,999  
May 2024 Schatz, Jeffrey Prisma Health - Midlands Professional Services Agreement: 17553 LRRF - Psychology Services for Pediatric Hematology Oncology $22,266  
May 2024 King, Adam US Forest Service US Forest Service Curation and Prescribed Burn Graduate Research Assistantship $33,016  
May 2024 Bizimis, Michael NSF Collaborative Research: Investigation of Volcanism and Tectonics in the Bight Transform Region (55.5°N-57.0°N, Mid-Atlantic Ridge) $390,747  
May 2024 Milling, Stephanie SC Department of Education (SCDE) Contemporary Dance Pedagogy Institute $35,000  
April 2024 DePratter, Chester Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) Parris Island/USMC/DOD Continued processing and reporting collections from Charlesfort/Santa Elena Archaeological Site (38BU51 and 38BU162), USMCRD, Parris Island, South Carolina $937,760  
April 2024 Snyder, Maeve University of North Carolina Wilmington/NOS/NOAA/DOC Evaluating risk of tidal marsh inundation and monetizing services to prioritize management actions (sub to UNCW) $20,736  
April 2024 LoPresti, Eric Meg and Bert Raynes Wildlife Fund Meg and Bert Raynes Wildlife Fund - Student Grant Proposal - Sierra Jaeger $5,000  
April 2024 Sutton, Christopher University of Colorado/DOE Accelerated Discovery and Demonstration of Advanced Perovskites for Efficient Solar Thermochemical Hydrogen Production $285,000  
April 2024 Walters, Wendell NSF Quantifying Natural and Anthropogenic Influences on Nitrogen Oxides Emissions and Chemistry $422,847  
April 2024 Klein, Brent University of Massachusetts Lowell/NIJ/DOJ Research and Evaluation on Mass Shootings: An Examination of Evaluation of Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) Laws, Leakage Activity, and Gun Obtainment on Public Mass Shootings $345,612  
April 2024 Hudac, Caitlin The Orphan Disease Center (at the University of Pennsylvania) Linking SETBP1-HD EEG Biomarkers to Clinical Profiles $88,740  
April 2024 Parrish, Lori North Carolina Healthcare Foundation, Inc. Facilitating the Pilot Design Workgroup for the Pee Dee School-based Behavioral Health Pilot (Contract) $36,478  
April 2024 Boggs, Carol NSF Integrating physiological and behavioral ecology: How limited resources and allocation trade-offs impact mate signaling $703,889  
April 2024 Peng, Xuefeng (Nick) The Simons Foundation International , Ltd. Fungal contribution to benthic nitrogen and carbon cycling in a productive ocean basin $810,000  
April 2024 Zhao, Jun Georgia Family Connection Partnership Georgia State University Research Foundation (GSURF), Inc./Georgia Family Connection Partnership $7,683  
April 2024 Milling, Stephanie SC Arts Commission Journey through Jazz Dance $30,000  
March 2024 Smith, Erik SC DNR/University of Michigan/NOAA Adapting salt marsh vulnerability assessment methodologies to southeastern salt marshes $65,101  
March 2024 Smith, Erik SC DNR/NOAA/DOC NERR Capacity Building: ACE Basin $118,366  
March 2024 Wang, Cuizhen (Susan) CORE SC at College of Charleston Mapping Oyster Reef Habitat to Support Resilience Planning and Wild Oyster Harvest in South Carolina $49,902  
March 2024 Banerjee, Meeta PRISMA Health-Midlands/DOJ Addressing Social Determinants of Health and Community Violence through a Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Program $305,379  
March 2024 Ziolkowski, Lori RTI International/EPA Resource for Assistance and Community Training - Region 4 (REACT4EJ) $20,820  
February 2024 Walters, Wendell NSF Evaluating the Atmospheric Dynamics of Nitrate and Sulfate in Southern New England in Response to Emission Regulations $6,722  
February 2024 Adams, Ian University of Utah/National Institute of Justice Institutional Structure of Police Leadership $108,516  
February 2024 Barnes, Jessica NSF Geographic and Sociodemographic Variability in Air Pollution Exposure $144,474  
February 2024 Wang, Qi Clemson University/SC EPSCoR/SC CHE AI-enabled Mechanical Modeling of Cardiac Tissues $25,000  
February 2024 Schoenherr, Jessica NSF Collaborative Research: Precedent-Altering Opinions and Collegiality on the Supreme Court $74,803  
February 2024 Roberts, Jane National Institute of Child Health & Human
Development (NICHD)/NIH
PI - Rachel Hantman) Maternal-Child RSA Synchrony in Infants with Fragile X Syndrome $123,882  
February 2024 Weist, Mark University of Oregon/USDE Technical Assistance Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports VI $257,274  
February 2024 King, Adam Forest Service, Francis Marion and Sumter
National Forests - USDA
US Forest Service Supplemental Project Agreement: Archaeological Survey and Collections Curation Services $104,405  
February 2024 Bourbonnais, Annie NSF Collaborative Research: Multiisotope and microbial ecology approaches to investigate sedimentary nitrous oxide production and consumption in the northern Benguela upwelling system $550,590  
February 2024 Brashears, Matthew US Army Research Office (ARO)/DOD Simulating and predicting social behavior from exposure and interaction with similar others: A data collection initiative and model advancement project $190,146  
January 2024 Morris, James Georgia Southern University/ERDC-Army/DOD Jekyll Creek Thin Layer Placement Monitoring and Analysis of Ecosystem Response $57,587  
January 2024 Chen, Hui National Institute of Child Health & Human Development (NICHD)/NIH Hierarchical Onset of Germ Layer Specification $36,189  
January 2024 Walters, Wendell National Science Foundation (NSF) Assessment of Multiscale Air Quality Model (CMAQ) Representation of Spatiotemporal Atmospheric Nitrate Chemical Production in New England $168,980  
January 2024 Alpert, Geoffrey Laura and John Arnold Foundation Evaluating Artificial Intelligence Interventions in Police Body-Cameras: Truleo + Police Supervision $213,603  
January 2024 Boehme, Hunter US Department of Justice (DOJ) A longitudinal cohort mixed methods study of the impact of mental health on retention and turnover among early career police officers in South Carolina $1,000,000  
January 2024 Kupfer, John NC State University/US Geological Survey/DOI A Proposal to Host the USGS Southeast Climate Adaptation Science Center $162,899  
January 2024 Stuckey, Melissa Elizabeth City State University/NPS/DOI 2022 HPF AACR - Elizabeth City State University (NPS AACR Historic Preservation Grant) $44,952  
January 2024 Stuckey, Melissa Elizabeth City State University/NPS/DOI 2022 HPF Elizabeth City Sate University - Principal's House Rehabilitation (NPS HBCU Grant) $49,498  
January 2024 Burgess, Lana SC Arts Commission SCAC Folklife Partnership Grant Renewal FY23-24 $70,517  
January 2024 Liu, Howard National Cheng Kung University/Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange (CCKF) Informant Networks, Intelligence Selection, and State Repression $65,700  
January 2024 Lunz Trujillo, Kristin Boston University/NSF Assessing the Effectiveness of Common Health Messaging Tactics on Self-Reported and Validated Vaccine Uptake – A Multi-Method Approach $17,999  
January 2024 Smith, Courtnie SC Department of Mental Health (SCDMH) John H. Magill School Mental Health Certificate Program $37,500  
January 2024 Goodyear, Albert SC Research Foundation/Felburn Foundation 23-24 Continuation of Analysis and Cataloging of Topper Site Artifacts $30,000  
January 2024 Stephenson, Donald Savannah River Operations (Administrator)/US Department of Energy (DOE) South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology/Savannah River Archaeological Research Program Cooperative Agreement: United States Department of Energy for FY2023 - FY2028 $4,964,015  
December 2023 Wethey, David National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature fromECOSTRESS $288,208  
December 2023 zur Loye, Hanno National Science Foundation (NSF) EAGER: Exploration of Apatite Room TemperatureSuperconductor Phase Space $299,996  
December 2023 Coffman, Donna Temple University/NIH Assessing Everyday Function in Older Adults with theVirtual Kitchen (Subaward from Temple (Giovannetti)) $10,817  
December 2023 King, Adam National Park Service (NPS)/DOI NAGPRA Collections Documentation - 2023 $99,953  
December 2023 Meyer-Gutbrod, Erin University of California, Santa Barbara/Padre Associates, Inc. Platform Holly Decommissioning Project EnvironmentalImpact Report Preparation: Santa Barbara County, California $18,449  
November 2023 Kimball, Matthew University of Michigan/National Estuarine Research Reserve Association (NERRA)/NOAA Evaluating oyster reefs as habitat: Comparing the utility of ecological metrics to assess ecosystem function $199,943  
November 2023 Speiser, Daniel International Human Frontier Science Program (HSFP) Organization Mapping structural and functional connectivity of the distributed sensory system in chiton armor $351,000  
November 2023 Wang, Cuizhen Clemson University/DOI South Carolina Water Resources CenterProgram Management $33,448  
November 2023 Monin, Alexander National Science Foundation (NSF) Taming Non-Perturbative Dynamics in HighEnergy Physics $225,000  
November 2023 Pershyn, Yuriy University of Texas San Antonio/NSF EFRI BRAID: Developing new classes of device networks based on computationally efficient dependent neurons $490,000  
November 2023 Petrov, Alexey US Department of Energy (DOE) Particle Physics Research Program $180,000  
November 2023 Hardy, Dean Mississippi State University/NSF RII Track-2 FEC: An interdisciplinary program for research, education, and outreach on climate change and adaptive resilience in the Yazoo -Mississippi Delta $942,782  
November 2023 Ryker, Katherine National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)/DOD JSHS Regional Science Fair 2024 $34,150  
October 2023 Benicewicz, Brian US Department of Energy (DOE) Gas Separations Using Polymer-Grafted Nanoparticle Membranes $330,000  
October 2023 Richardson, Susan Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP)/DOD Development of two New Total Organic Fluorine Methods to Determine Total PFAS in PFAS-freeFirefighting Foams at Trace Levels $234,224  
October 2023 Klein, Brent Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Trajectories of Targeted Violence: Mobilization Trends and Interdiction Opportunities $751,842  
October 2023 Ford, Lacy National Park Service (NPS)/DOI The Southern Campaign of the American Revolutionary War Corridor Project $48,929  
October 2023 Kisselev, Olesya Pennsylvania State University(PSU)/USDE CALPER: Center for Advanced Language Proficiency Education and Research $168,401  
October 2023 Kulkarni, Varsha Space Telescope Science Institute(STScI)/NASA An Investigation of Claimed Silicate Dust Crystallinity in a z=0.9 Spiral Galaxy $28,855  
October 2023 Coffman, Donna Temple University Health System, Inc./NIH Reducing Urban Cervical Cancer Disparities Using a Tailored mHealth Intervention to Enhance Colposcopy Attendance $134,050  
October 2023 Mitchem, Stephanie Mellon Foundation Amplifying WGST Community-Based Research $100,000  
October 2023 White, Scott NSF Intergovernmental Personnel Act NSF $201,401  
September 2023 Li, Jie National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS)/NIH Expanding Natural Products Chemical Diversity by Big-data Analysis and Novel Biosynthesis $1,579,485  
September 2023 Sutton, Christopher AFOSR/USAF/DOD Unraveling the Role of Cation Solvation in Aqueous Zn-Ion Batteries: A Combined Theoretical and Experimental Approach $600,000  
September 2023 Tang, Chuanbing NSF CCI Phase I: NSF Center for Polymers from Waste $1,800,000  
September 2023 Dubinsky, Stanley College of Charleston/SC Space GrantConsortium/NASA (PI: Lexington Whalen) Wordification: Reimagining How Spelling is Taught $6,000  
September 2023 Kang, Yuhao The Cartography and Geographic InformationSociety (CaGIS) Characterizing and Promoting Cartography and GIS Graduate Programs through Research Theme Discovery and Online Seminars $8,000  
September 2023 Donaldson, Bobby National Park Service (NPS)/DOI Booker T. Washington High School Auditorium Building Restoration Project $5,000,000  
September 2023 Donaldson, Bobby National Park Service (NPS)/DOI Cooperative Agreement between the Department of the Interior/National ParkService and the Center for Civil Rights History and Research: StrategicPlanning and Implementation for the CRC $3,362,100  
September 2023 Matthews, Marty National Historical Publications and RecordsCommission (NHPRC) The Papers of William Short - A Digital Selective Documentary Edition $110,000  
September 2023 Wang, Qi Clemson University/NSF RII Track-1: ADAPT in SC: AI-enabled Devices for the Advancement ofPersonalized and Transformative healthcare in South Carolina $3,416,272  
September 2023 Jin, Rongying Department of Energy (DOE) Directed Assembly of Metastable States for Harnessing Quantum Effects $600,000  
September 2023 Coffman, Donna Temple University/NIH Deconstructing food parenting approaches to obesity prevention for the highly motivated child $24,802  
September 2023 Goodrum, Nada Society for Community Research and Action(SCRA) SCRA Research Scholars Program 2023 - ImPACT: Improving health for parents And Children Together $6,000  
September 2023 Hudac, Caitlin Arizona State/NICHD/NIH Reciprocity of Social Connection and Well-Being: Convergence of Temporal and Neural Underpinnings of Adolescent Social Connection Quality, Quantity, and Need $1,559,591  
September 2023 Zarrett, Nicole Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (PI: Olivia Staples) Health Policy Research Scholars $124,000  
September 2023 Weist, Mark East Carolina University/IES/USDE Improving Social, Emotional, Behavioral, and Academic Functioning elementary School Students through the Interconnected Systems Framework $1,756,552  
August 2023 Strosnider, William SC Sea Grant Consortium/NOAA From blue‐gray to blue‐green: Facilitating the transition to non‐plastic, natural material use within the coastal zone economy $2,321,986  
August 2023 Garashchuk, Sophya NSF Quantum dynamics with nuclear quantum effects: a hierarchical methodology for large molecular systems $530,000  
August 2023 Ge, Ting American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund Controlling Equilibrium Swelling of Polyampholyte Gels Using Charge Sequence ‐ A Study Combining Molecular Simulation and Scaling Theory $110,000  
August 2023 Alpert, Geoffrey Laura and John Arnold Foundation Evaluating Artificial Intelligence Interventions in Police Body‐Cameras $94,621  
August 2023 Cutter, Susan NSF RII Track‐2 FEC: Where We Live (WWL): Local and Place-Based Adaptation to Climate Change in Underserved Rural Communities $1,780,000  
August 2023 Wang, Cuizhen US Geological Survey (USGS)/DO 3D Visualization of hydrogeologic raster surfaces in South Carolina Hydrogeologic Framework $34,982  
August 2023 Dahmen, Wolfgang NSF FRG: Collaborative Research: Variationally Stable Neural Networks for Simulation, Learning, and Experimental Design of Complex Physical Systems $599,999  
August 2023 Tsai, Wei-Lun American Mathematical Society (AMS)/Simons Foundation AMS‐Simons Travel Grant $7,200  
August 2023 Rorden, Christopher National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)/NIH Extending ezBIDS, NiiVue, and dcm2niix for user‐friendly cloud‐based integration and visualization $2,039,629  
August 2023 Smith, Courtnie SC Department of Mental Health (SCDMH) John H. Magill School Mental Health Certificate Program $35,577  
August 2023 Frost, Daniel NSF $168,420    
August 2023 Meyer-Gutbrod, Erin NSF Organismal Response to Climate Change (ORCC) $323,550  
August 2023 Broussard, Kathleen University of Texas at Austin (UTAUS) ‐ Population Wellbeing Initiative Fall course Buyouts ‐ 2023 and 2024 $23,774  
July 2023 Fisher, John Culture and Heritage Museums (York County) 2023 Watts Cemetery: Interior GPR Survey $3,765  
July 2023 Smith, Erik National Ocean Service (NOS)/NOAA/DOC North Inlet - Winyah Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve FY23 Operations $991,213  
July 2023 Heinrich, Tobias The Institute for Human Studies Learning to Trush Refugees: Border Security and Attitude Extremity $3,500  
July 2023 Coffman, Donna Temple University/NICHD/NIH Characterizing Top-Down Dimensions of Appetite Self-Regulation Among Preschoolers $24,802  
July 2023 Prinz, Ron NIGMS/NIH Behavioral-Biomedical Interface: Translational and Prevention Sciences Training $1,538,552  
July 2023 Bulusu, Subrahmanyam College of Charleston/NASA EPSCoR Understanding the Generation and Dynamics of Internal Waves in the Bay of Bengal using NASA’s SMAP Salinity and ECCO Estimates $35,000  
December 2022 Smith, Erik NOAA/DOC Building Capacity at the North Inlet – Winyah Bay NERR for conservation and restoration infrastructure projects $188,675  
December 2022 Armstrong, Alissa Silicon Valley Community Foundation Improving DEI via investigating the role of inter-organ communication in whole-organism responses to diet $1,150,000  
December 2022 Ge, Ting NSF CAREER: Molecular Modeling of Ring Polymer Mechanics - Expanding Applicability of Ring Polymer $516,622  
December 2022 Petti, Roberto CERN Neutrino Group CERN Project Continuation (Neutrino Platform) $40,000  
December 2022 Coffman, Donna Temple University/NIH mHealth-based Just-In-Time Intervention to Improve Physical Activity Microrandomized Trial $116,249  
December 2022 Coffman, Donna Temple University/NIH Behavioral and Biological Rhythms in Children's Obesity-Related Health Disparities SEARCH $92,300  
December 2022 Coffman, Donna Temple University/DoD Development of a Sensor-Based Movement Biomarker to Capture Upper Extremity Use $32,000  
December 2022 Smith, Courtnie SC Dept of Mental Health John H. Magill School Mental Health Certificate Program $9,650  
December 2022 Morris, James UNC Wilmington/NOAA "Coastal Resilience: Evaluating Risk of Tidal Marsh Inundation and Monetizing Services to Prioritize ManagementActions (Part 2)" $39,283  
November 2022 Li, Jie National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER: Enzymatic sulfur incorporation and modification in the biosynthesis of natural products $865,975  
November 2022 Crocker, Holly Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Civic Engagement, Voting Rights, and the Founding Documents at the University of South Carolina $500,000  
November 2022 Kulkarni, Varsha NASA / Space Telescope Science Institute (James Webb Space Telescope) Probing Silicate and Carbonaceous Dust and Ice in Distant Galaxies with Mid-IR Spectroscopy of Quasars with Foreground 2175 A Absorbers $167,376  
November 2022 Coffman, Donna National Cancer Institute (NCI)/NIH Developing Methodology to examine causal mediation of Time-Varying Effects in Smoking Cessation Treatments $144,610  
November 2022 Edmunds, Sarah Chan Med School Worcester - University of Massachusetts/NIMH/NIH Improving the Part C Early Intervention Service Delivery System for Children with ASD: A Randomized Clinical Trial(“RISE”) $70,628  
November 2022 Hudac, Caitlin University of Alabama Birmingham/NIDA/NIH HEALthy Brain and Child Development Study at UAB and UA $45,834  
November 2022 DePratter, Chester Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, SC/DOD Artifact Analysis and Curation Services - MCRD Parris Island Museum $99,540  
November 2022 King, Adam SC Department of Natural Resources - Heritage Trust Program Archaeological Testing at Spanish Mount $8,500  
November 2022 Ryker, Katherine National Science Foundation (NSF) Collaborative Research: Quantifying the extent of student learning and effect associated with observed levels of instructional reform $119,548  
November 2022 White, Scott Savannah River Nuclear Solutions/DOE Support of the South Carolina Seismic Monitoring Network $69,668  
November 2022 Senner, Nathan Universidad Austral de Chile/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/DOI Revealing Unknown Links in the Life Cycle of Shorebirds $39,490  
November 2022 Cutter, Susan Virginia Polytechnic Institute andState University (Virginia Tech)/Feeding America Strengthening Charitable Food Systems Capability $51,400  
October 2022 Becker, Kimberly William T. Grant Foundation Addressing Conceptual and Pragmatic Challenges to Measuring Use of Research Evidence In Children Healthcare by Leveraging Clinical Documentation $50,000  
October 2022 Serang, Sarfaraz Utah State University/NIAAA/NIH Longitudinal Impacts of Pandemic-Induced Disruptions on Adolescent Siblings’ and Parents’ Alcohol Use: AFamily Life Course Perspective $61,755  
October 2022 King, Adam SC Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) Spanish Mount Archaeological Artifact Processing SC $5,804  
October 2022 Whitehead, Dustin SC Film Commission - SC Department of Parks Recreation and Tourism The South Carolina Film Training Partnership (GOS - Get on Set) $150,000  
October 2022 Snyder, Maeve University of Georgia/NOAA/DOC Evaluating the risk of tidal marsh inundation and monetizing services to prioritize management actions $6,643  
October 2022 Reisman, David Children's Leukemia ResearchFoundation Mechanism of a p53 intron-encoded lncRNA in maintaining the undifferentiated and proliferative state myeloid leukemia cells. $30,000  
October 2022 Welshhans, Kristy National Institute of neurological disorders and Stroke (NINDS)/NIH Regulating axon guidance through local translation at adhesions $1,872,670  
October 2022 Alpert, Geoffrey Charleston Police Department/City of charleston Charleston Police Department Racial Bias Audit Implementation: A Proposal to Conduct a Formal, ExternalReview and Assessment (ERA) of Progress $72,930  
September 2022 Li, Zhenlong University of Michigan/NIA/NIH Consortium Coordinating Center for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research on COVID-19 $29,948  
September 2022 Liu, Jiang National Science Foundation (NSF) DDRI: The Semantic Effect on the Processing of Emotional Prosody in Mandarin Chinese: ANeurolinguistic Study" (Cheng Xiao) $17,880  
September 2022 Hudac, Caitlin University of Alabama/NIMH/NIH Evaluation of the Underlying Structure of Adolescent Social Attention $82,283  
September 2022 Mitchem, Stephanie South Carolina Humanities/NEH Women and Gender Studies: Past into Future $8,670  
September 2022 Fisher, John Cultural & Heritage Museums, YorkCounty, South Carolina 2023 Watts Cemetery Survey, Historic Brattonsville, SC $4,847  
September 2022 King, Adam SC Parks, Recreation & Tourism Archaeological Investigations at Rose Hill Plantation $22,590  
September 2022 Smith, Steven The Chickasaw Nation Archaeological Survey of the Koni Aawaa', Tupelo, MS $5,980  
September 2022 King, Adam SC Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) Cultural Resources Survey of Goodwill Plantation $47,930  
September 2022 Pinckney, James NSF Collaborative Research: THE BENTHIC MICROALGAL SUBSIDY IN ESTUARINE ECOSYSTEMS $844,365  
September 2022 Stone, Joshua NSF Collaborative research: Ecological and biogeochemical role of Rhizaria in the oligotrophic ocean $406,981  
September 2022 Andersen, Tia NSF Understanding How Mentoring Can Disrupt the School-to-Prison Pipeline and Promote Positive Youth Development $403,569  
August 2022 Li, Zhenlong South Carolina Department of Social Services (SCDSS) Accessibility Analysis and Visualization of the Children and Youth Foster Care in South Carolina $34,479  
August 2022 Coffman, Donna Drexel University/NIDDK/NIH Mindfulness and Acceptance-Based Interventions for Obesity $69,100  
August 2022 Frost, Daniel NSF Collaborative Research: Investigating Inner Core Evolution through multi-scale seismic investigation and inversion $6,452  
August 2022 Strosnider, William SC Sea GrantConsortium/NOAA Development of a fully biodegradable floating treatment wetland $9,429  
August 2022 Smith, Erik SC DNR/University of Michigan/NOAA  Collaborative development of novel remote sensing workflows for assessing oyster reef structural and demographic characteristics to inform management and restoration $23,005  
August 2022 Sahoo, Pabitra Johns Hopkins university/Merkin FamilyFoundation Establishing the kinetics for failure of axonal protein synthesis in chronic nerve injury $150,000  
August 2022 Shimizu, Ken NSF Development of molecular devices for the study of emerging non-covalent interactions. $491,394  
August 2022 Ellis, Jean SC Sea GrantConsortium/NOAA Evaluating Literacy and Perception of Coastal Dune Hazard Impacts and ManagementStrategies across the South Carolina Coastal Zone $6,163  
August 2022 Elfenbein, Jessica SC Humanities/NEH Wood Basket of the World: Lumbering, Manufacturing, and Conserving southcarolina's Forests - Conference and Traveling Exhibit $10,000  
August 2022 Li, Wuchen Air Force Office of ScientificResearch (AFOSR)/DOD Transport information geometric computations $449,677  
August 2022 Ilieva, Yordanka Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility/DOE eRD110 Photosensors for EIC Detectors $4,000  
August 2022 Ilieva, Yordanka Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility/DOE EIC KLM R&D Proposal $25,500  
August 2022 Kulkarni, Varsha Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)/NASA Probing the Gas in and around Local Galaxies Mapped with Integral field spectroscopy $271,191  
August 2022 Bradshaw, Jessica Autism Science Foundation,Inc. (ASF) (Kaleb Phelps - PI) Autism Science Foundation Undergraduate Summer ResearchFellowship: Understanding the Diagnostic Experiences of Black Families $4,000  
August 2022 Cooper, Daniel National Institute of MentalHealth (NIMH)/NIH Maximizing the Impact of Preventive Interventions: Identifying Responders and NonResponders of an Evidence-Based Intervention for Low-Income Families Using Pearson-Centered Approach $165,647  
August 2022 Bourbonnais, Annie NSF Collaborative Research: Exploring the dynamics of nitrous oxide in the SouthernBenguela Upwelling System $147,450  
August 2022 Frost, Daniel NSF Imaging deep mantle structure beneath Alaska using full waveform tomography $221,284  
July 2022 Peng, Xuefeng  NSF Nitrous oxide production by salt marsh sediment fungi: its significance and mechanisms $990,239  
July 2022 Ho, Yen-Yi Brown University/NIMH/NIH ASH1L-mediated transcription networks in autism spectrum disorders $11,065  
July 2022 Goldberg, Katherine SC Department of Education (SCDE) African American History Instructional Materials Grant $75,000  
July 2022 Myrick, Michael Brewster Procurement Group/Haliburton Transmission of Commercial Schott Technical Glass 8250 and Validation of Commercial Lamp for ICE Sensor $33,998  
July 2022 Tang, Chuanbing American Chemical Society (ACS) 2023 ACS Project Seed at USC $15,000  
July 2022 zur Loye, Hans-Conrad Battelle Savannah River Alliance, LLC (BSRA)/SRNL/DOE University of South Carolina Providing Subject Matter Expertise in Critical Material Free Permanent Magnet Characterization $10,200  
July 2022 Ballard, Matthew NSF Collaborative Research: Derived Categories in Birational Geometry, Enumerative Geometry, and Non-commutative Algebra $217,591  
July 2022 Yang, Xiaofeng NSF Collaborative Research: Models, algorithms, simulations and applications for dendritic solidifications of two-phase multi-component alloys in the mushy zone $246,734  
July 2022 Angeletti, Giordano SC Humanities/NEH Paths to Freedom  $2,500  
July 2022 Datta, Timir Office of Naval Research (ONR)/DOD New Unconventional High-Tc Superconductivity $337,504  
July 2022 Booze, Rosemarie National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)/NIH Microglial modulation of neurocircuits in HIV/cocaine comorbidity $3,096,288  
July 2022 Bradshaw, Jessica National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)/NIH The Role of Autonomic Regulation of Attention in the Emergence of ASD $3,655,278  
July 2022 McQuillin, Samuel University of Virginia (UVA)/NIMH/NIH Evidence-Informed Mental health Prevention, Assessment, Collaboration, and Treatment in Middle Schools (E-IMPACTS)  $528,144  
July 2022 Teghipco, Alex PRISMA Health - Upstate The DREAM: developing a pipeline for integrating automated extraction of clinical data, quality data, and neuroimaging metadata in acute stroke hospitalizations (PRISMA seed grant) $13,530  
July 2022 King, Adam SC Army National Guard/DOD Mitigation of the Laurens Armory Renovations $17,137  

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