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    CarolinaTIP Supports New Teachers

    Learn how the coaches of the Carolina Teacher Induction Program work with recent graduates to make impacts in the classroom.

New Teacher Support (CarolinaTIP)

The Carolina Teacher Induction Program, known as CarolinaTIP, serves as a bridge of support for new teachers. The program is a collaboration between the University of South Carolina’s College of Education and school districts across the state. CarolinaTIP helps recent graduates make the transition from college student to successful classroom teacher.

Supporting New Teachers

The Carolina Teacher Induction Program, known as CarolinaTIP, is a collaboration between the University of South Carolina’s College of Education and school districts across South Carolina. This three-year program helps new teachers make the transition from learning how to teach to teaching and leading in classrooms of their own. The program provides support to novice teachers through CarolinaTIP Teacher Sessions, personalized coaching, and a community of novice educators. Through completion of the program and with the guidance of Carolina Coaches, participating teachers are able to increase their self-efficacy and build a solid professional foundation.

CarolinaTIP is designed to be a bridge between teacher preparation and the classroom, providing support in clinical application of pedagogical theory to the novice teacher with the purpose of positively impacting teacher retention. The university-based induction program provides support that is strategically aligned to the stages of new teacher development; aimed at meeting the evolving needs of first-, second-, and third-year teachers.

CarolinaTIP approaches support from a holistic stance with the aim of growing the comprehensive capacity of new teachers utilizing responsive support, goals-based coaching, and leadership development. The goal of the program is to help novice teachers develop the tools and capacity needed to persevere and thrive in the profession and meet the needs of South Carolina’s students.

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We know the first three years can be difficult for new teachers, with an increasing number of them leaving the profession during this time. Carolina wants to support our graduates during the transition from the university to the classroom in hopes of retaining quality teachers throughout South Carolina.

Nicole Skeen, CarolinaTIP coordinator

Our Lead Coaches

Nicole Skeen

Nicole Skeen, Director

Skeen oversees the program while providing support and coaching to teachers.

Angela Adams

Angela Adams, University Induction Coordinator

Angela provides coaching and support to induction teachers and serve on the CarolinaTIP leadership and development team as well as the advisory board.  


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