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College of Education

Carolina Shout

Carolina Shout celebrates the important role of teachers in society today. This one-of-a-kind event, a fusion of cultural, musical, aesthetic, and academic experiences, is symbolized through the use of "a shout," the forming of communities that offer opportunities to testify and celebrate.

Nationally- recognized educators and local and state community leaders come together to talk about teachers who exerted a profound influence upon their lives. The Shout includes music by Kenny Carr and The Tigers, a renowned trombone shout band, from Charlotte, who performs a form of instrumental music that bridges gospel and jazz.

For those who wish to witness the excitement of shout band music, a musical selection from Carolina Shout 2001 by Kenny Carr and the Tigers can be screened at this YouTube site.

Between musical numbers, the students of all ages offer personal testimonies about teachers who have made a difference in their lives. “We are drawing upon a unique cultural form, a shout, and using that spirit to celebrate teachers,” said Craig Kridel, Curator of the Museum of Education and the event coordinator. “There are plenty of thoughtful criticisms of schools, but there should also be a moment for a community to come together and celebrate the role of teaching.” 

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