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College of Education

“So Their Voices Will Never be Forgotten”

So Their Voices Will Never be Forgotten motto: “We seek not to honor, nor do we wish merely to remember. The Museum wants never to forget the struggles fought by a group of courageous South Carolina teachers, individuals who have helped in preserving, transmitting, rectifying, and expanding our most fundamental educational beliefs.”

This program serves as an opportunity to engage our preservice teachers and to embrace the power of biography. So Their Voices Will Never be Forgotten fosters a sense of professional pride for the emerging sensibilities of preservice students, many of whom may be fearful if not overwhelmed by the thought of "becoming a teacher." With a rich legacy of civil rights struggles in South Carolina and the unrequited efforts to examine school desegregation and integration never as fully explored in our education courses as one would hope, the Museum initiated this program to serve as a form of memorialization and to foster a shared experience among students of hope, curiosity, and imagination.

The program has been staged every semester since 2008, with two special events held in 2008 and 2011.

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