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College of Education

  • An African American teacher candidate holds a sheet of paper up before her class while another teacher looks on.

Advanced Study in Education

Advanced certification. Research opportunities. Preparing to teach the next generation of educators. The reasons for taking up advanced study in education are as numerous as the subjects you can choose to explore.

The programs in this section are designed for current or former educators; they range from advanced pedagogical techniques, different forms of research and inquiry as they relate to education, preparation for additional certifications like literacy and special education or building knowledge to begin working in academia.


Educational Foundations and Inquiry

The Educational Foundations and Inquiry program is full of opportunities to study the intersections of education and politics, to explore the factors that shape our ability to understand and use new information, and to discuss the anthropological and social contexts of education.

Educational Psychology and Research

If you want to study the psychological, social-emotional, contextual, and biological factors that influence human learning and development  as well as build your core competencies in education research including analytic, measurement, and evaluation skills, then we have a community of like-minded scholars for you.

Language and Literacy

Your course work in the Language and Literacy program will include an inquiry-based approach. You will explore the relationships among language, thinking, and culture, and examine how reading as a process is not separate from but connected to the cultural contexts where language is used.

Learning Design and Technologies

In addition to the concepts of design and deployment of technology-based educational systems, you will explore concepts like equity in access to technology, research as it applies to education, and resource distribution and management.

Physical Education

As a doctoral student in Physical Education, you will play a critical role in preparing our pre-service teachers. You will also have research opportunities in exciting and innovative areas of study.

Special Education

Whether you are changing careers or already a certified teacher, you can complete a Special Education degree. The Special Education programs at the University of South Carolina are designed for anyone who wishes to get involved with helping students with disabilities.

Teaching, Curriculum, and Instruction

These programs are designed to broaden your ability to engage in diversity education as well as integrate core technology skills that specialists and consultants need.

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